Sunday, 7 July 2013

Facebook New(s) Feed for Beginners

facebook newsfeed1 300x141 Facebook New(s) Feed for BeginnersFacebook, the largest social media platform, presented a new look for News Feed! It’s not a surprise that Facebook changed something – it’s just the part of the social media world. I’m definitely looking forward to be able to test the new design.
Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook team shared some information regarding the redesigned News Feed’s look:
  • rich stories – visually engaging
  • choice of different feeds
  • mobile consistency – the same Facebook experience across mobile devices/laptops/desktops computers
  • the new News Feed is uncluttered
The new look = all stories put together so you have richer & simpler news feed, that’s focused on the things you are interested in: what’s your friends are saying, what your network is sharing and what’s going on with people and pages you like and care about.
Facebook added more feeds so we are going to have more control over the stories we are seeing on the news feed.
    1. The old News Feed design: what your friends are posting and pages you “like”. Previously you could select between 2 feed options: “Most Recent” and “Top Stories”
    2. The new News Feed design: now you have more control of which of these feeds are going to be seen on your Facebook homepage. There are different feeds you can choose from:
  • “All Friends” – everything your friends are sharing on Facebook listed in chronological order
  • “Music” – a feed with posts about the music you listen to
  • “Most Recent”
  • “Close Friends”
  • “Photos” – a feed with photos from your friends and the Pages you like. The great thing about this is that all photos are way much bigger in the new News Feed
  • “Games”
  • “Following” – a feed with the latest news from the Pages you like and the people you follow
facebook news feed feeds via groovypinkblog Facebook New(s) Feed for Beginners
The old News Feed design was approximately 40% of total of the screen. Now, the new design takes over way much more. Facebook learned the lesson and chose more visualization approach, it’s designed the way people are sharing content today. Facebook designed the new News Feed to reduce clutter and focus on stories from your friends.

facebook news feed new design Facebook New(s) Feed for Beginners

Why Facebook changed the look of the News Feed? Maybe because we like pictures – so now we can spend even more time on Facebook. Good thing we now have a little bit more control what we want to see.

“Less Clutter, More Stories”

Are you looking forward to test the new Facebook News Feed?

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