Sunday, 23 June 2013

Seo Toolbar For Internet Explorer

While working in SEO, experts need to define the search parameters of the sites to check their competitive characteristics and promotion specificity. One of the best to do this is through extensions and tool-bars which are inbuilt in their web browsers. Even though its user base is fast shrinking, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is still one of the most popular web browsers in the world with a significant market share and many SEO experts still use it. Some of the most popular SEO tool-bars available for Internet Explorer are

SEO Coolbar

SEO Coolbar is a free SEO toolbar for Internet Explorer which helps web masters to increase the popularity of their websites. This tool bar has nearly 50 SEO tools like metric tools, keyword related features, domain tools, and search engine related tools. SEO Coolbar allows downloading SEO data like Google Pagerank, Alexa Ranks, etc. The downloaded data can be stored online and exported to CSV files. This toolbar is compatible with Internet Explorer 6 and later.


SEMToolBar is a full featured toolbar which is available for both Internet Explorer and Firefox. The toolbar downloads data from services like Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo!, and then displays the details that are most relevant to internet marketing. Search engine results pages (SERPs) of this toolbar show keyword demographics and statistics at the top of the browser. The results are numbered and explained with good data and links. The plugin is free but some premium services like access to tool-set reports need subscription.

SEO Toolbar

This toolbar gives access to most popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Apart from this, it has a unique feature which is not available with other SEO tool bars for Internet Explorer. It shows how many pages a particular search engine has indexed for a particular website when its URL is entered in your browser. The only disappointment with this toolbar is its poor design.

SEO Quake IE

This powerful SEO toolbar which was initially developed for Firefox was recently made available for Internet Explorer. Every page which is viewed by you using this toolbar will show SEO parameters and information which can be fully customizable by you. Additionally, many prominent SEO parameters like Google Index, Google Link, Google PR, etc. can be obtained and investigated through this toolbar.

SEO Marketing

SEO Marketing is the latest SEO toolbar for Internet Explorer with many new features. This toolbar allows web masters to take advantage of social media to an extent which is not possible in other toolbars. SEO Marketing toolbar has lot of links to popular sites and other social media sites, and hundreds of RSS feeds.
Unlike other web browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer has a closed code and doesn’t attract many developers to develop SEO tool-bars and extensions for it. So, there are very few good SEO extensions available for Internet Explorer in the market now. But, the above SEO plugins will suffice all the major needs of web masters who are still obsessed with Internet Explorer.

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