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5 tips to increase blog traffic

Blogging is very popular these days. Some people use blogging for sharing their thoughts and interests with other people over the internet while the majority of the people use blogging as a online money making platform. For making money online with blogging your blog must have a decent monthly traffic. Now days it is very hard to get high traffic to your blog because there are millions of blog are already available on the internet .This article is about how to increase blog traffic. In this article I have explained 5 main points which are responsible for increasing blog traffic.


Increase Blog traffic

Increase blog traffic


1.  Increase posting rate

Posting rate is an important factor in increasing blog traffic . If you post once or twice a week then increase your posting rate. Post at least one article daily on your blog. This will attract search engines toward  your blog as a result your blog posts starts indexing at a faster rate. This will surely give traffic boost to your blog but remember one thing do not post bad quality or copied content on your blog.


2.  Guest Posting

Guest posting is a good technique for increasing blog traffic. Start posting guest articles on other well established blogs related to your blog`s niche. Guest posting  will give your blog more exposure as result your blog become popular.  Try to publish at least one or two guest posts per week. Guest posting will also increase back links to your blog. Do not keep your best articles for your own blog just post them on other bigger blogs as a guest posts because these blogs will send more traffic towards your blog. In this way guest posting will help in increasing your blog traffic.

3.  Quality content

Content is the core component of every blog and original content is the key to increase blog traffic.  To gain more traffic and good reputation you must avoid copied articles on your blog. Write fresh and original articles on your blog. Original content also increase your blog`s reputation in front of your blog visitors and search engines. As a result you will get more traffic to your blog.

4.  Social Networks

Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Digg, Stumbleupon etc plays major role in increasing blog traffic. There are hundreds of social networks available over internet. Share your blog posts on these social networks. This will increase amount of  referral traffic to your blog. 

5.  Add Social widgets to blog

If your blog is not connected to  social networks then connect it with the help of various social network widgets like Facebook like box, Twitter follower button, Email subscription box, Post share buttons, Google plus badge, Social icons widget etc. These widgets will help in turning your blog visitors into your blog subscribers, Which results in gain of traffic boost in future. This will also increase your  followers on social networks and gives your blog more social exposure.

These are the 5 main points in increasing blog traffic If you follow these steps properly then you do not need to do anything else for increasing your blog traffic. These 5  points will increase your blog traffic up to greater extent. Don`t waste your time  on other methods like submitting your blog to blog directories just give stress on quality content and increase social exposure of your blog. you will see results in few days by using these methods.

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