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How to make money online using Fiverr

Now a days there are lots of  methods available for making money online .Today I will explain you an interesting method of making money online with your skills.This awesome service is known as FIVERR and it is very popular to make easy money online. Fiverr is an online marketplace where people can sell and buy various types of services like art, technology, health, music, videos etc.If you have skills to do something creative then fiverr is good place for you to make huge amount of money online.Some people are even making thousands of dollars every month from fiverr.

How it Works ?

Fiverr has an exciting way of selling and buying small services at a fixed price of 5 dollars.These  small services are known as gigs at Fiverr. You can buy or sell these gigs according to your choice but only at fixed price of 5 dollars per gig. For making money online with Fiverr first of all you need to make  an account on  Fiverr . After it you have to make a gig for your service which you want to sell. Sample of a logo design gig is given below.

“ I will make custom logo for your business $5“

After making a gig you can just relax and wait for buyers to come and buy your gigs .If you are very serious to make money online then share your gigs on social networks like facebook , twitter etc to get more exposure to your services.More you share your gig more you make money online.

How I get paid ?

When a buyer interested in your gig orders your gig then he/she has to pay 5 dollars to fiverr. From these 5 dollars your fiverr account gets 4 dollars immediately and 1 dollar goes to fiverr as commission.One important thing when some buyer orders your gig then you must have to complete your order in specified time otherwise the order will be canceled and the money will be taken away from your account.Once you  completed your order successfully then you can withdraw your money from your fiverr account to your PayPal account but remember you can only withdraw money after 14 days from the completion of the order.
Note:  You must have a valid PayPal account to receive money.

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List of major categories of services available at fiverr -


  • Graphics and design

  • Video and animation

  • Online Marketing

  • Writing and translation

  • Advertising

  • Business

  • Programming and Technology

  • Music and Video

  • Fun and bizarre

  • Lifestyle

  • Other


  1. could be a comparatively new web site wherever people purchase and sell services for 5$. Most of the roles (or “gigs” as jobs square measure spoken on the site) are only for fun things, like writing custom greetings, making songs, or creating gag gifts for one-time patrons.

    Johnny Depp

    Make Money Online


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