Thursday, 13 June 2013

Add Title and Alt Attribute To Optimize Images For SEO

Image optimization tips
In my previous post I was discussed some image optimization techniques that help to increase blog traffic. Today I bring another helpful tutorial for users. In this tutorial I will tell you how to add title and alt attribute for images while using them into blog posts. I am not going to tell you the benefits of using these two tags because I have covered this topic in my previous post. If you want to know in detail . You will surely find this tutorial very interesting because these are the must use SEO techniques if you want to increase your blog traffic. So let play the tutorial.

Image Optimization For SEO in Blogger

  1. Go to blogger dashboard.
  2. Write new post.
  3. Upload an image by clicking the image icon from the top menu bar as shown below.
  4. insert image

  5. Now to add title and alt (description) attribute to your image left click on the image and choose properties.

  6. image properties
  7. Once you click on the properties link, a pop up box will appear. Enter title and alt tag there as shown in below screenshot.

  8. image optimzation blogger

  9. Now click Ok and you are done!
Use this feature very wisely. This will surely help your blog to rank well in search engines. Don't use too many keywords in these tags. Only use one keyword that describes your blog post very well.

Need Help?

Have you any doubt about image optimization or got confused how to add title and alt tag in images? if yes, then feel free to ask me. I am always here to solve your queries and please comment below how you feel about this post. What do you think does it really work to improve blog traffic? Please give your feedback. Thanks!

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